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About a Armenia zoo

Ընդհանուր տեսարան

The last time I visited the zoo was last year․ We saw many interesting animals there. There are animals we didn’t know about. There, my brother and I fed the animals that could be fed.

Currently, there are about 2,049 species of animals and 2,749 individual animals in the zoo. Species representing the South Caucasus and Armenia include Syrian bears, Bezoar goats, Armenian mouflon, and others. Among the animals brought from other places are African lions, tigers (Bengal and Siberian subspecies), etc.

Lion 22.jpg

In 1954, the park had 4 sections: ungulates, carnivores, birds and reptiles. In 1980, Yerevan Zoo already had 350 species of animals, but in the early 1990s, it decreased by 90%.

Yerevan zoo, scientific research institution. It was founded in 1940. The area is 85,000 m2, of which 52,000 m2 are for animal facilities.

Grant the elephant in Yerevan Zoo. The main problems are the preservation of the wild gene pool, the reproduction of rare and endangered species in the wild, the study of climate training methods, the prevention of diseases, as well as the dissemination of environmental knowledge.

Snakes 11 (3).jpg

About 183 species of animals and birds are kept in cages or fenced areas of the zoo, 34 of which are registered in the International Red Book of Nature Conservation, and 50 in the Red Book of Armenia.

Արջեր 11 (4).jpg
Hippopotamus 1.jpg
Deer 11.jpg

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