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Everyday English

Everyday English


1. Yes please – these words said Izzie.

2. No thanks – these words said Kate.

3. Oh, right – these words said Mark.

4. Don`t worry – these words said Mark.


Samantha: What`s that? In your sandwich.

Andy: It`s cheese. It`s called Gorgonzola. Would you like some?

Samantha: No thanks. I don`t like cheese very much. And that cheese is blue!

Andy: Yes, its blue, but dont worry. It`s realy delicious!

Samantha: Oh, right. But I think I`ll just eat my chips. Do you want one?

Andy: Yes, please! I love chips!


1. A: James – would you like some pizza?

B: No thanks, Sandy – I don`t like pizza very much.

2. A: Come on, Alex. Its 8.30. We`re late.

B: Oh right. Sorry Gill. Ok, I`m ready now – let`s go!

3. A: Is the homework difficult, Jane? Do you want some help?

B: Yes, please, mum. Help me with question three!

4. A: I really want a hamburger. But I haven`t got any money.

B: Dont worry, Mike. I`ve got some money. I can buy some hamburgers.

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