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My Interview about sport

My interview with my aunt’s husband about sport.

Natali- Hi Gor, how are you?

Gor-Hi, Natali, I am fine.

Natali-I want to ask you several questions about sport.Can you answer them?

Gor-No problem, hope I can answer them all.

Natali-What’s your favourite sport and how often do you play?

Gor-I do not have any favorite sport, but I like to play big tennis. We use to play with my son, but not so often, couple times per month.

Natali-Do you like football and which team do you support?

Gor- Yes I like it, football is my second favorite sport. I support Armenian national team.

Natali- What’s the most popular sport in your country?

Gor-I’m currently leaving in Sweden and the popular sport in Sweden, specially among the younger population is floorball, they usually playing it at schools. This game is like hockey with the same rules but on the grass with small ball.

Natali- That’s all. Thank you Gor. Goodbye.


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