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B. Which of these sentences are true? Write the correct ones down.

1. Ethel often borrowed things. – false

2. Fanny often borrowed things. – true

3.Ethel often lent things to Fanny. – true

4.Fanny often lent things to Ethel. – false

5.One day Ethel lost her bag. – false

6.One day Fanny lost her bag. – true

7.Fanny liked carrying something in her hand. – true

8.Fanny did not like carrying things. – false

9.There was a shed at the end of Ethel’s garden. – false

10. There was a shed at the end of Fanny’s garden. – false

C. Write this story, but do not put pictures: put words.
Ethel’s house is in a small street. It has a small garden
at the back, and there is a cottage in it. Ethel keeps her wheelbarrow
there. Ethel is a clever. She works in a shop.
This is Ethel. She is at the of her house, and she’s got a bag
in her left give the bag? Because she is going to the house.

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