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Negate the sentences.

  1. Sandy washes her hair.
    Sandy does not wash her hair.
  2. Steve can make breakfast.
    Steve cannot make breakfast.
  3. The children know the answer.
    The children do not know the answer.

Which answers are correct?

  1. To which verbs/auxiliaries can not be added? amarecanis
  2. Which verb forms go with the Simple Presentinfinitiveinfinitive + s
  3. Which verb forms are correct? she hasshe isshe plays

Fill in the verbs in brackets into the gaps.

  1. I often go to the cinema.
  2. Andy’s brother works in an office.
  3. She flies to Menorca every summer.

Form questions.

  1. can / Ron / to speak / English
    Can Ron speak English?
  2. Marie and Joe / to like / homework
    Do Marie and Joe like homework?
  3. why / you / to ride / your bike
    Why do you ride your bike?

Which sentences are correct?

  1. In which sentence is the Simple Present used correctly? Carol cleans the bathroom.
  2. In which sentence is the Simple Present used correctly? Andrew washes the dishes.
  3. Which question is in the Simple PresentWhere do you come from?

Form questions in the Simple Past.

  1. when / you / to watch / the film
    When did you watch the film?
  2. why / the teacher / to check / the computer
    Why did the teacher check the computer?
  3. what / he / to have / for lunch
    What did he have for lunch?

Negate the given sentences.

  1. My brother made a lot of noise.
    My brother did not make a lot of noise.
  2. Andrew invited his friends.
    Andrew did not invite his friends.
  3. It rained yesterday.
    It did not rain yesterday.

Use the verbs in the Simple Past.

  1. you enjoy → you enjoyed
  2. you live → you lived
  3. they play → they played

Which form is correct?

  1. was
  2. she met
  3. she was

Which sentences/questions are correct?

  1. Which negative sentence is in the Simple PastThey didn’t sing a song.
  2. In which sentence is the Simple Past used correctly? Steven forgot his homework.
  3. Which negative sentence is in the Simple PastWe did not speak Russian.

Negate the sentences.

  1. Sam has built a tree house.
    Sam has not built a tree house.
  2. They have stolen the lipstick.
    They have not stolen the lipstick.
  3. They have gone to the park.
    They have not gone to the park.

since or for?

  1. for five years
  2. since Christmas
  3. since 1997

Which form is correct?

  1. we have fed
  2. he has taken
  3. it has closed

Rewrite the phrase into Present Perfect.

  1. they clean → they have cleaned
  2. she plays → she has played
  3. we sing → we have sung

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