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Ex . 9


What room is it?-It is my living-room.
What is my mother doing?-My mother is watching TV.

Where is my mother sitting?-My mother is sitting on the sofa.
Where is my father sitting?-My father is sitting in the armchair.
What is he doing?-He is reading a newspaper.
Where is my sister?-She is sitting on the carpet.
What is my sister doing?-My sister is playing with her cat.
Am I in the living-room?-I’m in my room.
What am I doing?-I am playing computer games.


Our, every, family, evening, in, gathers, living-room, the.

Every evening our family gathers in the living-room.

Sofa, my, sitting, on, the, mother, is.

My mother is sitting on the sofa.

At, every, eight, evening, a, she, o’clock, watches, soap-opera.

Every evening at eight o’clock she watches a soap-opera.

Father, watching, not, TV, is, my.

My father is not watching TV.

Little, playing, her, with, cat, my, is, sister.

My little sister is playing with her cat.

Am, in, not, the, I, now, living-room.

I am not in the living-room now. 

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