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The lier

What did the king say to all people?

He said:

-I will give half my kingdomto the man who can tell a lie that I can agree that is a lie․

Who came first?

The shepherd come first.

What did he say?

He said:

-My father has got a pipe. The pipe is very long and he can stir the stars with it».

What was the king’s answer?

My grandfather had a pipe. He used to put one end of it in his mouth and stretch the other up to the sun to light it.”

Who came second?

The tailor came second.

What was the king’s reply?

The King said, “but you haven’t patched it very well, for it rained a little again this morning.

Who came after the tailor?

The villager came after the tailor.

What did he tell the king?

The villager said the King:

You owe me a bag of gold. I have come for it.

What did the king answer?

That s a lie.I do not owe you anything.

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