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Present Simple or Present Continuous-test

Present Simple or Present Continuous?

  1. Please be quiet! I (work) now! ———— Please be quiet! I am working now!
  2. It (not rain) at the moment. ———— It is raining at the moment.
  3. This shop (open) at eight and (close) at six. ———— This shop opens at eight and closes at six.
  4. She always (go) to school by bike. ———— She always goes to school by bike.
  5. Pst! The baby (sleep). ———— Pst! The baby is sleeping.
  6. Tom always (get up) early in the morning. ———— Tom always gets up early in the morning.
  7. Look! Peter (juggle). ———— Look! Peter is juggling.
  8. They (have) their lunch at the moment. ———— They are having their lunch at the moment
  9. She often (eat) meat. ———— She often eats meat.
  10. I rarely (go) to bed before midnight. ———— I rarely goes to bed before midnight.
  11. Pit (smoke) 19 cigarettes a day. ———— Pit smokes 19 cigarettes a day.
  12. Jack never (have) breakfast in the morning. ———— Jack never has breakfast in the morning.
  13. Look! Somebody (swim) in the cold river. ———— Look! Somebody is swiming in the cold river.
  14. What  you  (do) now? I (listen) to music! ———— What you are doing now? I am listening to music!
  15. She usually  (wear) black clothes. ———— She usually wears black clothes.
  16. Ann often (play) tennis. ———— Ann often plays tennis.
  17. Listen! The  boy  (sing) a nice song. ———— Listen! The  boy is singing a nice song.
  18. The earth  (move) aroung the sun. ———— The earth moves aroung the sun.
  19. Ice  (melt) in the sun. ———— Ice melts in the sun.
  20. Sandy  (be) always late. ———— Sandy is always late.

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